Endangered species live in St. Lucie River, so why isn't it protected as critical habitat?

Article Posted on July 1, 2022

The excitement in Denton Potter's voice when he tells the story is contagious. 

The 13-year-old was fishing off a dock in the St. Lucie River when, from the murky depths, a dorsal fin breached and swam in his direction. It looked like ... Could it be? 

He began recording a video of the rare sighting on his smartphone. "It's a sawfish! It's a sawfish! It's a sawfish right here!" Potter exclaims in the video. He told TCPalm it was the first time he had ever seen one of the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish in the wild. "I've been fishing every day after school and looking for them because I think they're really cool. I realized how rare it was just to see one cruising around." 

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