Day trip to Hutchinson Island, Martin County: Scenic routes, wild savannas, seaside restaurants

Article Posted on June 6, 2022

Martin County is like a fun-sized candy bar – not nearly as huge as its southern neighbor Palm Beach County, yet chock-full of good stuff in an easy-to-consume package. 

Thanks to its petiteness (just over 500 square miles compared with Palm Beach’s 2,000), you can explore many of Martin's treasures in three hours of driving time and still make it home to sleep in your own bed. 

Your trip makes a loop, starting out northbound on Interstate 95. Take the Northlake Boulevard exit and head west to the Beeline Highway (SR 710) northbound. This route isn’t the most direct way into Martin County, but it leads you to the Martin Grade Scenic Highway (SR 714), one of the most beautiful drives in South Florida.  

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