Martin Sheriff's Office finally getting body cameras after $10 million county commitment

Article Posted on May 4, 2022

MARTIN COUNTY — The Sheriff’s Office here will be the last on the Treasure Coast to get body cameras after the County Commission unanimously approved spending more than $10 million over the next decade to kickstart the technology program.

The promise to give more than $1 million annually came Tuesday after Sheriff William Snyder made a presentation to commissioners on the benefits and reasons behind outfitting law enforcement personnel with cameras.

St. Lucie County and Indian River County sheriff’s offices already equip their personnel with cameras, he said.

While Snyder came to the meeting to discuss policy — and not specifically to ask for money, he said — commissioners were eager to open the county's wallet.

The Sheriff's Office will get funds immediately to order the first cameras and begin hiring support personnel, including three public-record redaction specialists, a program coordinator and trainer. County staff discussed initially tapping reserves and grant money for the initiative, but it remains unclear how the full bill will be paid.

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