Martin County Utilities Wins 2022 Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest

Article Posted on March 23, 2022

STUART, Fl.-March 22, 2022: Martin County Utilities has won the Region VIII 2022 Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest sponsored by the Florida Section American Water Works Association (FSAWWA).

Martin County Utilities was one of five area utility companies to compete in the contest. Entries were judged on taste, color, clarity and smell.

“We make a daily commitment to provide the highest quality drinking water to our residents,” said Utilities and Solid Waste Director Sam Amerson. “It’s safe, tastes great, and we draw from two distinct underground sources of water – the shallower surficial aquifer and the deeper Floridan aquifer, considered an alternative water source. It’s exciting to know that our method also involves conservation efforts by preserving shallow groundwater for future generations.”

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