Florida gardening: What kind of lawn is best to plant for full sun?

Article Posted on January 13, 2021

Q: We had to do some work in our backyard recently and now that the work is finished, the area graded and prepared, we are ready to plant a lawn. The area is in full sun, we have an irrigation system but would rather not use it often. What kind of lawn should we plant? 

— Jared, Hobe Sound 

A: Bahia grass is the most drought tolerant grass grown for lawns in Florida. It is robust, drought and wear tolerant and, for the most part, pest resistant; however, not everyone likes the look of the turf produced. A good Bahia lawn has an open habit, which means when you look straight down, there will be some earth showing through. It is the grass I recommend for folks looking for a drought-busting turf.  

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