TCPalm: May jobless rates up slightly in two Treasure Coast counties, remained the same in third

Article Posted on June 18, 2018

By: Paul Ivice, Treasure Coast Newspapers

Unemployment rates:

Martin County

May this year: 3.3 percent

Previous month: 3.3 percent

May last year: 4.0 percent

May 2016: 4.3 percent


St. Lucie County

May this year: 4.2 percent

 Previous month: 4.1 percent

May last year: 4.9 percent

May 2016: 4.9 percent


Indian River County

May this year: 4.1 percent

 Previous month: 4.0 percent

May last year: 4.9 percent

May 2016: 5.5 percent


Florida-seasonally adjusted

May this year: 3.8 percent

 Previous month: 3.9 percent

May last year: 4.2 percent

May 2016: 4.7 percent


What it shows: Though Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped a notch to 3.8 percent in May, it was a mixed bag at the county level where there are no seasonal adjustments, estimates compiled from the U.S. Department of Labor’s monthly telephone survey show.

Indian River and St. Lucie counties were among 10 in the state, and by far the two most populous, that saw a slight increase in their jobless rates, while Martin County was among 29 counties that had no change from the previous month. Unemployment rates fell in the other 28 counties…

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