CBS12: Petition urges health department to warn of algal blooms

Article Posted on June 22, 2018

By: Erin MacPherson, CBS12

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. (CBS12) — Summer means lots of beach time, boating and soaking up the sun, but the heat and sunshine is fueling algae in our water.

"It's dangerous. It's toxic," said Jennie Pawlowsky, a Martin County woman. "But there's no warning."

She's concerned for the health of our community, so she started a petition to hopefully get the Martin County Health Department to warn the public of the potential threat.

"No one should be in the water right now. We need those signs up desperately," said Pawlowsky.

And she's not alone. Over 300 people have signed the petition, like Mike Conner. Conner has lived in Stuart for about 20 years and has been through a few algal blooms.

"2016 we had a sign like this warning not touching the water with algae but we have the algal bloom and not a single sign in town and that’s the problem with the health department," said Conner.

CBS12 reached out to the Martin County Health Department…

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