Hometown News: It is illegal to fertilize your lawn in the summer

Article Posted on June 21, 2018

By: Mike Winikoff, Hometown News

TREASURE COAST — From June 1-Sept. 30, it is illegal to fertilize your lawn in St. Lucie and Martin counties. While there are some exemptions for specific businesses like golf courses and farms, and there are a few fertilizers that are safe to use during the summer, the general rule is to simply avoid fertilizing for a few months.

The purpose of the ban is to protect the Indian River Lagoon from the harmful excess nutrients that get washed from your lawn during the rainy season. The law also regulates what types of fertilizer can be used the rest of the year.

St. Lucie County passed its ordinance in 2014. The city of Port St. Lucie has a similar ordinance, as does Fort Pierce. Both were passed in 2014.

Martin County’s ordinance took effect in 2011, amended and strengthened in 2014.

While the various ordinances contain some differences regarding exemptions, licensing, and specific fertilizer content, the general principles are the same.

Through the end of September, do not fertilize with any product containing nitrogen or phosphorous. Both of these nutrients are illegal during the rainy season for both turf grass and landscape plants.

St. Lucie County’s ordinance allows phosphorus products to be applied only if a soil test indicates a deficiency…

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